(While the performance collective FILO is now inactive, this site stands as an archive of the group's efforts and as an outlink node for current activities by former members.)

FILO was founded by Luke Wyatt and J. Brophy, with key contributions from Pieter Zanko, Rhys Strojneier, and Donald Barthelme. The name FILO stands for Friendly Intervention Liberation Organization. The acronym FILO reminds us, conveniently, of filo (or phyllo) dough, which bakes into innumerable flaky layers. Our intake lens has baked into something similar: we appreciate experience through many layers of irony and parentheses, and spit it back out with these new tags attached. This has been called a "baklava sensibility." Another FILO imperative is healing the gap between hot and cold or funny/beautiful expression. We believe that Sly and the Family Stone and Graham Greene do not represent antagonistic aesthetic values.

for news and info about Luke's current work

Luke Wyatt makes videos for other people. To commission a video mulch, or for live mulch projection inquiries, contact here.


Sad Stonewash, a DVD by Luke Wyatt (originally released by AAVV), was reissued by Valcrond Video. BUY IT HERE NOW. 40 minutes of trademark mulch melt. Sweet extra content hidden in the labyrinthine menu architecture, choose-your-own-adventure style. Original sounds by L.Wyatt. Check preview HERE

Luke's videos were featured at the Rome Film Festival on November 4, 2010. Go HERE or HERE to find out more about the program.

The Peoples Potential Unlimited DVD is done! Check the teaser here. The great Stones Throw records is distributing it! BUY IT THERE or HERE!

CLICK HERE to listen to Fogelzank Long Tone: An Aural Memory Mush from the Making of Blowback

The BGB 12" is almost done. Check out a preview of album artwork here

People may reach this site after finding a Weenus artifact like Sounds Like Sideways Light. To learn more about Weenus, go here to view portions of the Weenus Teaching Loop.

Here is a condensed version of Grace Feast 2, created for VideYO!, which happened at Comet Ping Pong in DC and then happened somewhere in Delaware.

Some of 2008's Weenus Teaching Loop is on YouTube. Check it.

10 minute slices of BLOWBACK: Season One are available on FILO's YouTube starting with Episode 3. DVD's of the first two episodes are available on this site, of course.

Kohoutek's "Expansive Headache" out now on Music Fellowship. Luke plays guitar on this record and mixed it. Features a nice cover by Carolina Mayorga .